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G.M. International srl
is a manufacturer of a complete range of Intrinsically Safe products that are delivered to customers worldwide since 1993.
Our certified experience and well-known capability to give prompt and efficient solutions make us the partner you need for any safety-related application.
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Latest news:

D2000M and D5000 Series first NEPSI approval for China new!
GM International opens a branch office in France new!
New Digital Output units: D5040S, D5040D, D5240T
D5000 Series KR certificate for marine applications
NHP is now GM distributor for Australia and New Zealand
"Understanding Hazardous Locations" Poster
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All new Power Supply series

G.M. International is proud to present its all new Power Supply series, designed to provide the greatest levels of availability and safety for high integrity and critical applications. The maximum effort has been used to create a perfect device that is highly efficient, extremely safe and simple to operate, configure and maintain. It's time to enhance power supplies to a whole new level of quality.

Intrinsic safety concepts

The basic principle, on which intrinsic safety works, is to limit, under normal conditions, the amount of electrical energy in Hazardous Area circuits such that any sparks or arcs or high surface temperatures cannot ignite the explosive atmosphere.
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SIL 3 Repeater Power Supply Hart

D5000 DIN-Rail Isolators

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D1000 DIN-Rail Isolators

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D2000M Intrinsically safe Multiplexer

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Elcon 1000 Series Adapter

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T3010S 4.5 digit I.S. indicator


DTM8000 48 ch Alarm Monitor

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Recently seen:


SIL 3 Repeater Power Supply Hart

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