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1 Ch, Frequency-Pulse Converter, Repeater and Trip Amplifier


Frequency input


12-24 Vdc nom (10 to 30 Vdc)

Field device:

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The single channel DIN-Rail Frequency-Pulse Converter, Repeater and Trip Amplifiers D1060S converts and repeats a low level frequency signal from magnetic pick-up, contact, proximity, open-collector transistor sensor, TTL CMOS located in Hazardous Area, into a 0/4-20 mA or 0/1-5 V or 0/2-10 V signal to drive a Safe Area load. Repeater output can be direct, divided by 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, 1000000 or programmed with alarm function. One independent Alarm Trip Amplifier is also provided. Alarm energizes, or de-energizes, an SPST optocoupled open-collector transistor for high, low or low-startup alarm functions. The alarm trip point is settable over the entire input signal range. When repeater output is used as alarm output the unit provides two independent alarms.

Hazardous area:

Frequency input from magnetic pick-up, contact, proximity switch or logic level sensor.

Safe area:

4-20 mA/0-20 mA or 1-5 V/0-5 V or 2-10 V/0-10 V output signal totally isolated from Input and Supply plus frequency input repeater with open collector transistor plus independent set point with open collector transistor.


1 channel I.S. input from frequency-pulse signals, provides 3 port isolation (input/output/supply) and current (source mode) or voltage output signal. In addition it repeats the frequency input and provides one SPST transistor with adjustable alarm trip point.


• Input from Zone 0 (Zone 20), Division 1, installation in Zone 2, Division 2.
• Magnetic pick-up, proximity input sensor.
• Frequency range DC to 50 KHz input.
• Repeater output direct or divided by 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 10000 or 1000000.
• 0/4-20 mA, 0/1-5 V, 0/2-10 V Output Signal linear or reverse.
• High Accuracy, μP controlled converter.
• Three port isolation, Input/Output/Supply.
• EMC Compatibility to EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4.
• Fully programmable operating parameters.
• High Reliability, SMD components.
• High Density, 1 channel converter, repeater and trip amplifier per unit.
• Simplified installation using standard DIN Rail and plug-in terminal blocks.
• 250 Vrms (Um) max. voltage allowed to the instruments associated with the barrier.

Data sheet:
DTS0162 D1060S data sheet (English) (PDF 394 KB)
Instruction manual:
ISM0054D1060S instruction manual (PDF 525 KB)
ISM0062Manual Configuration Table (PDF 76 KB)
ISM0102General D1000 Series Instruction Manual (PDF 2.39 MB)
ISM0140UL Control Drawing for D1060S (PDF 142 KB)
ISM0155General D1000 Series Safety Instruction Manual (PDF 3.35 MB)
CRT003ATEX certificate n. DMT 01 ATEX E 042 X (I.S.) (PDF 9.52 MB)
CRT005UL & C-UL barriers listing [link E222308] (PDF 227 KB)
CRT014Metrological Certificate for D1000 Series (Russia) (PDF 779 KB)
CRT020FM 3024643 (USA) & FM-C 3029921C (Canada) (PDF 3.42 MB)
CRT028Korean Register Type Approval Certificate (PDF 577 KB)
CRT032IECEx CoC for D1000 Series (I.S.) [link IECEx BVS 07.0027X] (PDF 2.80 MB)
CRT047ATEX certificate n. IMQ 09 ATEX 013 X (non-sparking) (PDF 160 KB)
CRT125IECEx CoC for D1000 Series (non-sparking) [link IECEx IMQ 13.0011X] (PDF 122 KB)
CRT179DNV Maritime Type Approval Certificate (D1000 Series) (PDF 2.06 MB)
CRT192TRCU Certificate for D1000 Series (PDF 3.15 MB)
CRT216Ukraine certificate for D1000 series (PDF 3.50 MB)
Application notes:
APN0005D1052-53, D1072-73 Signal Converter DIN Rail (PDF 25 KB)
APN0007Universal AC Power Supply for Series D1000 (PDF 44 KB)
SWC1090D1000 and E1000 Software Configurator for Windows
BUSPower Bus Optional Enclosure
MCHP065Din Rail Anchor, for Terminal Block Side of Bus Power
MOR016DIN Rail End Stopper Terminal Block
MOR017Plug-in Terminal Block male, Horizontal Output, for Bus Power
MOR022Plug-in Terminal Block female, Horizontal Output, for Bus Power
PPC1090Pocket Portable Configurator for D105* D106* D107*
PPC1092D1000 Series Serial Adapter Configurator.
USBADAPTRS-232 to USB Adapter.
2D drawing of D1000 Series in DWG format (DWG 118 KB)
3D drawing of D1000 Series in DWG format (DWG 3.49 MB)
3D drawing of D1000 Series in STEP format (STEP 1.65 MB)
Conformal Coating Declaration (PDF 135 KB)
D1000 Dimensional Drawing (PDF 220 KB)
EU Declaration of Conformity DTS0249 (PDF 280 KB)
EU Declaration of Conformity DTS0251 (PDF 261 KB)
REACh, RoHS Declaration of Conformity (PDF 150 KB)
Russian Language D1000 Series Presentation (PDF 4.53 MB)
News: [Certifications] IECEx Certifications for D1000 Series now available
[Certifications] DMT 01 ATEX E 042X - 7th supplement
[Certifications] D1000 Series DNV Certificate for Ships and Offshore
D1060S - Frequency-Pulse Converter, Repeater and Trip Amplifiers

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