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Gateway - Power Supply Unit for Multiplexer D2000M Series



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24 V nom (20 to 30 V)

Field device:

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The Power Supply Gateway D2050M Unit, mounted in Safe Area, provides Intrinsically Safe protection to the 2 wire communication link, and supplies power to D2010M, Expander D2011M, and Digital Multiplexer D2030M Units, installed in Hazardous Area, close to input sensors.
Field units acquire data and pass it on to the Gateway, which makes it available via ModBus or RS-232 ports to a Safe Area PLC/DCS or other devices saving wiring cables and costs.
The Unit is primarily intended to interface field Mux with the PLC/DCS systems via Modbus serial lines with redundant communication.


• Intrinsically Safe Associated Apparatus for installation in Safe Area/Non Hazardous Locations to supply Multiplexer D2010M, D2011M, D2030M installed in Zone 1, 2 Gas Group IIC, IIB, IIA T4 or Class I, Division 1, 2 Groups A, B, C, D, Temperature Code T4 and Class I, Zone 1, 2 Groups IIC, IIB, IIA, Temperature Code T4 Hazardous Area/Hazardous Location.
• Universal inputs (mV, TC, RTD, contact or proximity detector) via D2010M, D2011M, D2030M unit from Zone 0, 1, 2 or Class I, II, III, Division 1, 2, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and Class I, Zone 0, 1, 2 Groups IIC, IIB, IIA Hazardous Location.
• Expandability up to 256 analog/128 digital channels per system and 31 systems on a single Modbus serial link for up to 7936/3968 channels.
• Redundant field lines for communication/supply.
• Modbus interface RTU protocol on redundant RS-485.
• RS-232 port for system configuration.
• Three port isolation, Input/Output/Supply.
• EMC Compatibility to EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4.
• High reliability, SMD components.
• Configurable by SWC2090 software (free of charge) or user software.
• Modbus output allows savings on PLC/DCS I/O cards cost.
• Lower cables, installation and maintenance costs.
• Simplified installation using standard DIN Rail mounting units.
• Repeat Hazardous Area/Hazardous Locations input contact or proximity detector in Safe Area/Non Hazardous Locations via D2052M unit (relay output) or via D2053M unit (transistor output).

Data sheet:
DTS0122 D2050M data sheet (English) (PDF 248 KB)
Instruction manual:
ISM0078D2000M Multiplexer Series System Manual (PDF 1.38 MB)
CRT020FM 3024643 (USA) & FM-C 3029921C (Canada) (PDF 3.42 MB)
CRT024ATEX certificate n. BVS 06 ATEX E 101 X (PDF 1.61 MB)
CRT048IECEx CoC for D2000 Series [link IECEx BVS 09.0049X] (PDF 1.52 MB)
CRT078Metrological Certificate for D2000 Series (Russia) (PDF 1.33 MB)
CRT168NEPSI cert. no. GYJ14.1407X (PDF 6.20 MB)
CRT193TRCU Certificate for D2000 Series (PDF 2.41 MB)
CRT217Ukraine certificate for D2000 series (PDF 1.18 MB)
SWC2090D2000M Software Configurator for Windows
CABF008Cable to connect D2050M to D2010M/D2030M
D2000M Configuration Example 128AI + 64DI (PDF 753 KB)
D2000M Configuration Example 128DI + 128RO (PDF 743 KB)
D2000M Configuration Example 192AI + 32DI + 32 RO (PDF 755 KB)
D2000M Configuration Example 256AI (PDF 730 KB)
D2000M Configuration Example 64AI (PDF 713 KB)
D2000M Configuration Examples (all in one) (ZIP 3.03 MB)
D2000M Multiplexer Series Slide Presentation (PDF 8.43 MB)
EU Declaration of Conformity DTS0256 (PDF 209 KB)
REACh, RoHS Declaration of Conformity (PDF 150 KB)
Russian D2000M Series Powerpoint slide presentation (PDF 978 KB)
Russian D2000M Series presentation (PDF 5.32 MB)
Russian Language D2000 Series Presentation (PDF 5.32 MB)
News: [Certifications] ATEX Certificate for D2000M Multiplexer System
D2050M - Gateway/Power Supply Unit for Multiplexer D2000M Series

D2000M Configuration Example

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