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SIL 2 RTD/Resistance Isolating Repeater


Temperature Input

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24 Vdc nom (18 to 30 Vdc)

Field device:

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The single channel Isolating Repeater D5072S-087 accepts a 2-3-4 wire resistance/RTD or 2-wire transmitting potentiometer sensor, up to 400 Ω, located in Hazardous Area, and repeats the resistance, with isolation, to Safe Area, suitable for applications requiring SIL 2 level (according to IEC 61511) in safety related systems for high risk industries. Mounting on standard DIN-Rail, with or without Power Bus in Safe Area or in Zone 2. Choice between 2, 3 or 4 wires Input is accomplished via dedicated DIP Switch. Among all possible sensors, typical are:
• IEC: Pt50, Pt100
• ANSI 0.3916: Pt100
• DIN43760: Ni100, Ni120
• GOST6651 russian standard: Pt46, Pt50, Pt100 ,Cu50, Cu53, Cu100
• Cu9.035 (or Cu10)

Hazardous area:

2-3-4 wire RTD/Resistance or 2-wire transmitting Potentiometer.

Safe area:

2-3-4 wires Resistance.


D5072S-087 module is able to detect the breakage of any Input sensor line (Burnout). This situation is signaled via dedicated red LED on front panel, open collector transistor on Fault bus and highscale (440 Ω) forcing of output resistance.


• Input from Zone 0 (Zone 20) / Division 1, installation in Zone 2 / Division 2.
• 2 or 3 or 4 wire resistance/RTD or 2 wire transmitting potentiometer Input Signal.
• Burnout Fault detection.
• Three port isolation, Input/Output/Supply.
• EMC Compatibility to EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4, EN61326-1, EN61326-3-1 for safety systems.
• Simplified installation using standard DIN-Rail and plug-in terminal blocks, with or without Power Bus.
• 250 Vrms (Um) max. voltage allowed to the instruments associated with the barrier.

SIL level:


Data sheet:
DTS0434 D5072S-087 data sheet (English) (PDF 343 KB)
Instruction manual:
ISM0178D5072S-087 instruction manual (PDF 628 KB)
ISM0121D5000-D5200 Series General Instruction Manual (PDF 3.27 MB)
ISM0156D5000 Series Safety Instruction Manual (PDF 5.24 MB)
ISM0360D5072S-087 safety manual (PDF 247 KB)
CRT087ATEX certificate n. BVS 12 ATEX E 053 X (PDF 4.13 MB)
CRT090IECEx CoC for D5072S/D, D5072S-087, D5273S [link IECEx BVS 12.0050X] (PDF 1.72 MB)
CRT123INMETRO Certificate DNV 13.0110 X (PDF 449 KB)
CRT126DNV Maritime Type Approval Certificate (D5000 Series) (PDF 1.68 MB)
CRT142TÜV SIL Certificate Summary (PDF 919 KB)
CRT153Korean Register Type Approval Certificate (PDF 1.22 MB)
CRT169NEPSI cert. no. GYJ14.1406X (PDF 6.93 MB)
CRT218Ukraine certificate for D5000 series (PDF 2.80 MB)
CRT230TRCU Certificate for D5072, D5273, D5036, D5037 Series (PDF 1.39 MB)
JDFT04912mm DIN Rail Connector
MCHP196Power Bus Terminal Block Cover and Fix
MOR017Plug-in Terminal Block male, Horizontal Output, for Bus Power
MOR022Plug-in Terminal Block female, Horizontal Output, for Bus Power
2D drawing of D5000 Series in DWG format (DWG 54 KB)
3D drawing of D5000 Series in DWG format (DWG 2.26 MB)
3D drawing of D5000 Series in STEP format (STEP 5.92 MB)
Conformal Coating Declaration (PDF 135 KB)
D5000 Dimensional Drawing (PDF 217 KB)
EU Declaration of conformity DTS0471 (PDF 240 KB)
IECEx Declaration of conformity DTS0472 (PDF 133 KB)
REACh, RoHS Declaration of Conformity (PDF 150 KB)

D5072S-087 - SIL 2 RTD/Resistance Isolating Repeater

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